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Tuesday, August 31, 2004
At this stage in the project, what is your team role?

Im responsible for writing up the management proposal to go with the project plan.

Depending upon team roles, it may appear that some team members are currently working more than others – how do you feel about this?

i guess i don't think theres much concern for me in this area - im not attending classes so i feel like i don't have the right to be over people for doing less assignment work Not that i think im doing a lot, am happy with my load - just want to do it well.

Reflect on your own role – can you be more effective?

Don't know what this means. I guess this role suits my skills in writing so no.

Are your team strengths being adequately utilised by the team?
If not, what can you do about this?

I guess being organised will help me summarise all the key information and key points and communicate effectively in the proposal is like being used adequately.

posted by Tanya 12:26 AM
You have received your 1st assignments back by now – how did the team go?

Team went well, the finished product looked great, we missed a bit of detail on the roles and responsibilities but i guess we were a bit in the dark about what roles were needed. I think we did well just to come up with an agreement and to be a little unified in working under that agreement.

What are the current issues facing you – as team member?

Very keen to prove myself, and this is challenging, sometimes i don't know what to say or don't have much to contribute and feel like im giving people opportunity to resent my lack of input. Am feeling pressure in that area.

How is the team working together? Are people following the agreements?

Most are trying to get their thoughts up online which is good,lots of asking qs which is making the collaboration really work - we're coming up with ideas and refining them.

How do you feel about the team process now – review some of your earlier comments – has anything changed?

Am okay with the agreement, a bit nervous but even if the letter of the law isn't being followed their is a general spirit of contribution that is being adhered to and that is encouraging - do wish their had of been some face to face for me.

posted by Tanya 12:21 AM