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Wednesday, August 25, 2004
You have received your 1st assignments back by now – how did the team go?

Team went well, a bit weak on roles and responsibilities but in terms of how we worked together i think we did really well. most of our group is making use of online time so i feel like i've got a grip on how we're going and felt involved in the first assignment at least.

What are the current issues facing you – as team member?

am not terribly clear where to start on my proposal for mod 2. Seems a bit vague, may need a phone call but we'll see how much response i get online. just feel like its a big job and i need to really be on top of what the group is doing to achieve it - challenging.

How is the team working together? Are people following the agreements?

most people are following the agreement or at least trying to, a few people are a little scarce onlne but im imagining that they're meeting facw-to-face and so are involved in other ways - i guess i find it hard cause at least people can check up on me if im not online, but i can't tell who's not in the classes etc.

How do you feel about the team process now – review some of your earlier comments – has anything changed?

Yes, changes all the time. Was very confident, then very nervous, now secure but lost. I got a bit worried i was not going to be able to contribute much and didn't want to sponge off others work, but now i've got a sizeable chunk of stuff to do, just feel a bit overwhelmed and a bit incapable. I used to always feel like that in e-learning thoguh so im sure its just normal.

Am confident in the team agreement and that the team process will go smoothly from here - is that a bit much to hope for at this stage?

posted by Tanya 1:43 AM