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Tuesday, August 17, 2004
Reflect on the team process – have your original thoughts changed at all?

Not at this satge but have that feeling they might.

Do you perceive any challenges or difficulties that weren’t identified in the team profiles?

Not in the profiles, You can't pick and choose who you work with and i think we're just lucky we've got a spread of people. It will be a challenge for m to miss out on so much face-to-face time as its all at an unfortunate time for me. This worries me a little. I don't like to sponge, and I don't like not being in the loop.

How do you feel now about future team assignments?
A bit worried about my contributoions being relevant, getting behind the eightball and not being able to contribute meaningful entries cause i'm not up to speed. Am a bit worried about doing as much as i can but that not being enough.

posted by Tanya 2:28 AM