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Friday, August 06, 2004
My experience at uni is the first week always freaks me out and then you realise it’s all going to be okay. So I’m a bit freaked out now, relying on other people, out of my control-out of my comfort zone. But I reckon once we have somewhere to aim and something to focus on, it won’t be that bad.

Project wise doesn’t seem too much beyond what we can do already. Have also seen a great e-learning induction program at work which is not beyond out ability to create and is very effective – although its not retail – but we’ve got Ben.

I seem to get the impression that not being in class will present extreme difficulties for me and my group. But you haven’t really tested collaboration if you don’t put any barriers in the way. People communicate and collaborate in the work force online all the time in the workplace and it works, why are we so scared to try it at uni?

But I am relying on other people and I can’t expect them to be as motivated as me coz I’ve got the most riding on my theory being correct. Freaked out about that, I have no plan B, be I’m sure it will present itself if required.

Anne says I should expect animosity but I’m not going to. Am paranoid as it is waiting for someone to reply to my posts!

Generally group work is great, more ideas, easier ( or more focused) work load, and lots of fun. Looking forward to it.

Team Process:
I’m hoping it’ll be a couple of intense face-to-face planning and sustaining sessions and a lot of online ‘little things’. Great working next door to Nikki- great face-to-face opportunity for me!

Think there will be lots of team work at the start and end and not much in between. That’s the general group work thing at uni.

posted by Tanya 5:48 PM
Week 1 Focus Questions

Expectations for the subject
My experience with uni so far as been, it always freaks you out in Week 1 and then you realise its really not that hard. So I'm pretty freaked out about this subject - am relying on other people to communicate with me and thats out of my comfort zone - out of my control. But I'm expecting that if we can meet once soon, things will look a little bit brighter.

Anne's told me to expect Annimosity, but I'm not going to. That will only make me paranoid. and i get enough of that waiting for people to reply to my posts!

Project wise I'm not expecting it to be too much beyond what we've already done. Have seen a great e-learning induction program at ING and its not beyond our ability to create.

hey everyone's telling me that not coming to class is going to make things really hard, but you're not really testing collaboration unless you present some barrier. Online communicationa nd collaboration works in the workplace, why are we so afraid of using it in uni?

Clearly I have the most riding on it working so I'm motivated, will be difficult getting the same motivation from others in my team, I can't expect that.

My team looks good, great people, great expertise. have no worries about achieving a qaulity product.

Team process:
I'm hoping for a couple of intense planning and maintaining sessions and the rest online.
But as I said, I'm relying on other people to be happy to do that, and if that doesn't happen I could be screwed. Although, I'm sure another solution will present itself. Nikki working next door is a bargain. great face-to-face opportnity for me.

posted by Tanya 5:34 PM