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Tuesday, May 20, 2003
Class work with Anne:
What were your Expectations: I expected I'd be excited and motivated. I expected the learning to be entertaining, I expected I'd be so stimulated that what i was learning would actually become ingrained or automated. I was wrong.
What are they now? Now i expect e-learning courses to require a lot of self-motivation. As an e-learner I'm going to need to have regular opportunities to aply the new skills/knowledge outside of the course. In doing this i'm going to be taking more responsibility for my learning rather than expecting the course to do it all for me by osmosis.
What did you learn? In terms of the course content, i have gained knowledge regarding the operation of tools in Photoshop 4 . I understand many of the terms relating to formats, picture colors/modes and pixels. However, i am aware that the learning which has taken place may be due to the fact that the course suited my own learning style. I generally learn well by reading and taking notes. Had this not been the case, i believe i would have struggled.
With regard to what i've learnt of e-learning in general, the photoshop course has taught me to be sceptical about courses labelled as e-learning. Not all courses advertising this label are developed for the purpose of e-learning. Many, such as the course I studied, are paper based courses which have been transferred onto the net. This scepticism has motivated me to trial any future courses before participating in them, or reccommending them, to ensure they are in fact designed specifically for e-learning.
In addition to this, the photoshop course raised the issue of rsponsibility for me. The learning was in my hands. I had to go away and process the information, practise and develop the skills. The course does not take responsibility for my learning. This may seem a simple concept but it relates to expectations and motivation. Although I was aware that i was responsible for my own learning in the context of traditional class-room based learning, I still came to the e-learning course with the expectation that i just had to log in and the course would do the rest. It would instruct me to touch this button and hit that key and if i followed all the steps it would work-i would learn. I've learnt that this perception was misguided. Nonetheless, in terms of learner-readiness, it is a consideration I will look at in the future. The question 'Does the learner understand their role in the learning process?' will be important in determining their motivation throughout the course. In my experience, my expectations weren't met and this led to me being unmotivated to continue the course.
What would you recommend? Based on my experiences in the Photoshop Course I would recomend that businesses thoroughly research the e-learning courses before buying the programs or insisting their employees undertake them. This research would include trialing the program to see what methods it uses and also looking at evaluations and reviews by people that have undertaken the course in the past.
I would also suggest ensuring that those employees beginning e-learning courses are prepared for the course and have the right expectations.

posted by Tanya 9:53 PM