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Tuesday, May 13, 2003
I just did my last lesson for today i think. Had just about enough of looking at a screen, well, just over two hours. I'm taking notes a lot more now and its helping a great deal. That is definately my learning style, i love to take notes, actually writing something cements it for me plus when i go back and look at it i remember learning it/reading it/hearing it. So thats working well. Was disappointed because mid way through lesson four the author refers to the course as a 'book'. There were also references to a CDRom which must have come with the book - i'm guessing this is where my ong lost tut book is as well. Obviously the text has been dumped on the net and classified as an on-line course. The exercises you have to work out for yourself without the aids that are supposed to facilitate your learning. very disappointed. No wonder this course is free. I am learning stuff but its mainly because im trying hard to, and because my learning style fits well with reading and taking notes. Thats really all im doing, with a little interaction with the program on my own behalf. So yeah i'm learning but theres no point to doing this on-line, except that i didnt have to buy the book, andd that i can come back to it when i like, its on every computer i can access so i can do it at uni in spare time. crappy e-learning course. It needed to be adjusted before slapping it on the net. But still i think it could have been good.
posted by Tanya 11:33 PM
Have completed lesson three. The room wasnt very good, pretty noisy so pretty distracting. I found it harder to concentrate. Again, i found this lesson simple to understand but hard to focus on enough to learn stuff. I found myself constantly skimming through the topics or scrolling through to see if there wa anything more interesting to read about. Especially because there is no accountability and no requirements it is hard to motivate myself to really concentrate and learn the details rather than just 'get the main ideas' but not really have the concepts/skills grounded enough to be able to use them confidently on my own. I think if i had a specific task to accomplish by the end f the course i'd be trying to work to something and know there ws a reason i needed to learn each skill. But at the moment it is learning skills that i may or may not need for tasks in the future. Getting pretty bored. Losing motivation. Thinking its pointless. Nothing to apply it too. Its hard too, cause if i just played around with the program id eventually figure out how to use what i wanted to.
posted by Tanya 11:00 PM
I havent done as much of my course as i though i would have. Because i know i can't finish the whole course for the assignment i was going to try and do plus four hours. Thinking 6-8. No way. I just kept putting it off cause of my boring experience last week. Anyway, Anne gave us time in class today so that made me do it. I did my second lesson just now and i've got plenty of time to do another couple. They're taking between 30min and 45mins depending on my conentration level and how long they are- i'm surre todays course was shorter. Plus it depends how many exercises i actually do and whether i assume i know what they're talking about. Today was more interesting. I made myself get a book out though cause i was bored of jus looking at screens and needed to do something. I wrote down the names of tools and what they did. Todays lesson was much easier to nderstand, many familia tools for selecting and editing which are just named different to paint ones and they do more fancy stuff. Anyway, i guess i did a few more of the exercises today and because i understood the topic more i was more motivated. i think i just wrote off the page. oops!
posted by Tanya 10:09 PM