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Wednesday, May 07, 2003
Oh my gosh, brain strain. I just did my first course lesson. It was so full-on. So many new terms and new tools to use on the program. A little bit frustrated cause i still cant find a link to get me to the free course notebook that has tut questions in it. It talks about it but doesnt tell you how to access it. Its hard to keep switching between screens while you're practising on the photoshp program and there is just miles of text and just links to pictures. I went to someof the links but generally thought i could do it myself so probably missed out on some valusable information. Also, so many new words i found the reading very heavy going. After 15min i was looking at my watch. It felt like forever and looking at far i had to go on the scoll bar waas pretty discouraging. However, i have learnt a lot today. I've learnt about associating file formats to photoshop, importing files, saving files, creating files with all the different measurements, screen views and multiple screen views such as cascading and tiling, also learnt a litttle bit about resolution for web and printing. Much more elaborate stuff than i was expecting. Its very technical, explaining everything on the program, not just cropping which was what i wanted to learn about. Although it first said 12weeks, the course is now saying 14days. Today it took about 1hr. So i might see how i go and choose the lessons im interested in and will use. I'm wanting to do my wedding invitations using photoshop so it is interesting. Anyway, see you soon.
posted by Tanya 7:17 PM