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Wednesday, April 30, 2003
So i skipped a module but im back to report on my e-learning experience. Well, actually at the moment to hypothesise about the experience. I'm really excited to be doing an online course, i'm anxious at the possibility of getting bored and not enjoying it - how good can it be if its free. I like the idea of gaining a good skill in my lounge room though.
I'm expecting a really simple step by step learning process with everything provided. I'm hoping i won't have to worry too much about keeping up with it or having to think about stuff outside the online time. I'm really hoping for something straight forward and convenient to the max. It actually sounds as if i'm hoping to learn by just turning on the computer by osmosis or something. That'll be interesting to see how much i get involved and how i feel about having to self-pace and self-direct my learning. I guess thats it. Thats what i'm expecting. Simple straightforward, uninvolved, just go to the site and let them do the rest. We'll see how i go in a week or so.

posted by Tanya 10:10 PM