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Saturday, March 29, 2003
Subscriptions to E-zines and E-newsletters
E-learningGuru (newsletter) - great site. The newsletter brings case studies and interviews as well as interviews but the site is a great find in any case. Heaps of archives of emag articles on marketing e-learn, roi and the latests

VNUlearning (newsletter) More about e-learning products and training - very helpful for us since we're also studying how to put together a training program and having to make choices about e-learning

Elearnmag (e-mag) I subscibed to the news section and the columns, essays and tutorials section. The first is the current news (duh) but the second i thought would be interesting cause its done by theorists and leading practitioners. I didnt subscibe to the special events section just yet but it would be good in the future i

Teckknowlogia (emag) I found this site and then realised i could have found it much easier on utsonline (this taught me to make use of resources!) this one is similar to the others but its also looks at the way people learn through e-learning. What works, whats best
Hope thats an okay brief Anne!

posted by Tanya 2:16 PM
Wednesday, March 26, 2003
Okay, i have been very pro-bloggs since we started, and more recently pro-e-learning. But i've found a glitch in the blog system today which i dont like. Well i guess its in this e-learning course, blogs are still okay.

Yesterday i did my blogger contribution on utsonline - the class one. Today i did a discussion board entry on e-learning advantages. And now im like - i've got nothing left! what do you want me to say, i've said it all three times over and i dont want to type it all again. If we're supposed to do two entries a week on all these posting sites theres going to be a lot of repetition. And theres nothing more frustrating than repitition.

Anyway, if you'd like to read my thoughts on e-learning, they're on the blogger contribution thingy and the discussion board.

posted by Tanya 2:41 PM
Tuesday, March 25, 2003
I read the Palloff article for class this week. It'll be interesting to hear from the class today what other people thought were the most important points. As an aside, that is another dilemma for e-learning, how people interpret material differently.
I found the concept of 'interactivity' (pg52) the most insightful. The idea that with learning interaction should occurr between the teacher and student, student and peers and also, student and course content. How does a student interact with course content? I guess E-learning provides an opportunity to interact with course content. If people are actually having to access the information they are using and interpret it it correctly in order to apply it, then they really are interacting with the content. Synchronous technologies would support this, to my understanding. Anyway, we'll see what the class says and what happened on the discussion board.
Incidentally, i was challenged by the question about how the technology will meet institutional needs, raised in the same article (pg57). We obviously have to have perspective of more than just what do i want to teach in my little program to my small part of the institution. The world wont revolve around me and my desire to use elearning.

posted by Tanya 7:16 PM