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Tuesday, March 18, 2003
Its been good to discover that E-learning is not just about computers, and that it needs both people and other media to function. I had previously doubted the advantages of E-learning when i thought it was intended to operate on its own. Whilst im a bit more optimistic about its usefullness now, i wonder that if it needs all those other contributions to really be effective, why do we bother to use it. Why do we add some complicated, which frequently is unreliable and frustrating.
Then again, something has to bridge the distance between countries and cities. And i guess, something has to carry the information as quick as it changes.
Lately though, looking up websites has been difficult. Many information websites, for example, NTIS, require you to have a good understanding of the subject matter to access the information. This includes knowing terminology for that industry of area. Search engines on the site are a great, but sometimes they dont work unless you can put in the right words. If people are to learn from websites they really need to be user friendly to the subject-dummy. Cause this is how we all start out when we're learning.

posted by Tanya 7:28 PM
Monday, March 17, 2003
Thanks for inviting me to join your blog Tanya!
I promise not to waffle on and on here - I'll just drop by occassioanlly!

posted by Anne 6:24 PM